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Best of mistakeville

Can there be a 'best of' for mistakes? Absolutely. Helpful mistakes, serious mistakes, funny mistakes... you name it. Using a combination of community generated 'thanks' and rigorous selection from our team, here are the 'Best of mistakeville' mistakes.

10 mistakes by 10 people

Job Interview Wrongs

Everyone loves a job interview... well, not really. There is just so much that can go wrong before, during and after a job interview. Share your interview mistakes today and then be sure to come back here before your next interview.

366 mistakes by 364 people

Small Business Mistakes

Running a small business is filled with new challenges which no textbook or course can fully cover. We can't tell you how to run a small business, but we can share mistakes from our community.

113 mistakes by 113 people

Driving Accidents

This topic could very well save your life and one day may be pre-requisite reading for every driving test in the world. Learn how to drive and also learn about driving mistakes and accidents. Help make the roads safer for everyone.

43 mistakes by 43 people

Social Media Mistakes

1/3 social, 1/3 media and 1/3 mistakes - just like the title. We all make mistakes here as it is still a new and developing frontier. Learn from the mistakes of others and share your own here.

2 mistakes by 2 people

Marriage Money Mistakes

When we are talking about money and marriage, there are bound to be some mistakes nearby.

3 mistakes by 1 person

Self-Employment Pitfalls

You know you've got problems when you're self-employed and you hate your boss. We can't help with that...but we can highlight some common pitfalls you should try to avoid. Good luck on your next performance review.

12 mistakes by 7 people

How Not to Buy Your First Home

We can't come up with anything funny for this topic. Seriously, there is nothing funny about making a mistake buying a home.

1382 mistakes by 1382 people

Self Esteem & Confidence Challenges

This is an ongoing mistake that we often make - forgetting to love ourselves and all the great things we bring to the world.

1 mistake by 1 person

Lose a Fortune in the Stock Market

We're as shocked as you that people make stock trading mistakes. This just in, stocks are risky! Your best investment might be 5 minutes reading these mistakes.

7 mistakes by 7 people

New Job Mistakes

New Job = Mistakes. As much as we try to avoid mistakes, we will always make mistakes on the new job - some are good mistakes, some are bad mistakes and some are really bad mistakes.

16 mistakes by 16 people

Mental Health Challenges

Mental health and mental illness is perhaps the most defining human characteristic. The mind is amazing, but at times unexpected things can happen. In fact, the WHO indicates that depression affects about 121 million people worldwide. Learn from our community as people share their experiences and what they have learned.

1 mistake by 1 person